A Metal Roof Can Last A Lifetime
Tuesday, March 5th 2013
A metal roof can last a long as it's installed properly with all elements taken into account. A recent example of this takes place at a vineyard project located in the Willamette Valley Corridor. The winery's operation facility/tasting room roof featured a standing seam system that lacked several installation details resulting in immediate roof failure (ie: It leaked!)

T. T. & L. Sheet Metal, Inc was hired to remove the existing panels and correct the faulty valley, penetration and underlayment details along with other problems that resulted in the roof leakage. 

Here are a few examples of before and after work at the winery. This project is an example of the importance of using an experienced sheet metal company with properly trained employees. A metal roof installed correctly can last a lifetime! 

The previous skylight flashing was missing a few pieces, including head flashing: 

Proper flashing will help keep this skylight free of any future water intrusions:

The old valley metal surrounding this dormer exposes a number of areas, allowing water intrusion:

New soldered valley metal around the dormer, along with proper underlayment sequencing, will keep water out:

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