Custom lengths and dimensions with maximum length of up to 26' 4".

Copper Gutters

Gutters & Downspouts

We fabricate a variety of styles and profiles in both 16 oz. and 18 oz. copper. Copper provides an elegant, stylish accent that will continue to make a statement for years to come.
Pictures: (From right to left): 16 oz. Copper Box Gutter; 16 oz. Copper Half Round Gutter; Custom Copper Gutters/Downspouts, Residence, Lake Oswego; 16 oz. 6 inch K-Style Copper Gutter, Portland Golf Club, Portland.

Warranty Information

Copper is essentially maintenance free. If there is any surface residue, it can be easily removed by mild/nonabrasive conventional cleaning detergents, or power washing. Note that copper turns colors when handled and/or exposed to the elements. Soldering also leaves marks. Over a period of time, the entire surface of copper will turn different colors until eventually reaching the Patina Green. T. T. & L. Sheet Metal, Inc. will not be responsible for cleaning the copper during or after the natural aging process.